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Protecting Your Garden From Pests and Other Dangers

gardenprotection3What good is a well-manicured garden if it is susceptible to pests and diseases that harm plants and the soil? Sometimes, garden protection is the one little detail that most newbie gardeners forget to put focus on. Yet it is the one major element that, if taken for granted, can wreak havoc on your beautiful garden, giving you constant headaches, and the pain of doing everything all over again.

Admittedly, no garden is totally free from pests and diseases. Predators like dogs, beetles, deer, caterpillar and the pesky fungal infection can create huge long-term problems.

Here are some natural ways to protect your flower and vegetable garden from pests and diseases.


Choose plants wisely

gardenprotection1One of the most crucial steps a gardener can take to prevent from all sorts of diseases to proliferate in a garden is to pick disease-resistant plant varieties. Taking time to do some research on various plant varieties to know if they are disease-resistant or not goes a long way in protecting your garden right from the start. It is also a good idea to consult with reliable nursery and garden staff to get the latest info on plant diseases, especially fungal infections. The key to fighting against diseases is prevention, so do your research and plant wisely.

Build Physical Barriers

An effective deterrent to unwanted visitors infiltrating your garden are gates and fences built to repel predators of any size. Row covers, similar to the kind used in commercial nurseries, can be used to protect tender plants from strong rain, light frosts, as well as the wayward insect, caterpillar, birds and small rodents. You can also put mesh netting over shrubs and fruit trees to protect from bees, birds and bats.


These are just a few tips that you can start with in designing a well-protected garden. Remember that not all gardens are the same, so you need to find the method and system that forms the best defense against pests and disease. The best part is that there many solutions you can try out and pick the best one. Most of all, a gardener needs to be always vigilant and prepared. Prevention is key, so setting up defenses is much better than reacting to problems that have already happened

Above all else, enjoy your garden! Cheers!