Welcome to my garden!

Hello, and welcome to the Aussie Gardener! That’s me!

This website is about my personal hobby of gardening so it’ll contain a lot of stuff that anyone who wants to get into the hobby would want to know about. It’ll also be my own little contribution to the growing interest in the hobby, both from local and professional growers, as well as plants suppliers, producers, landscaping firms and many others.

I’ll try my best to gather as much information as I can from various sources, be they experts, tradespeople, suppliers and veteran water gardeners. My particular interest revolves around water gardens, but I’ll make sure to feature all types of gardening as well.

The site will periodically feature topics such as choosing the plants for your water garden, practical water garden advice, maximizing your space, selecting a pond layout that fits your budget, and a lot more.

And, to make your visit to this website a lot more worthwhile, it’ll also have a section on gardening in general, discussing relevant topics like protecting your garden from pests, how to set up an organic garden, and what seasonal gardening is all about.

I hope to inspire you to discover and develop your love for gardening in whatever form or style. My contacts are found on the site, and I welcome any and all types of questions that you may have regarding gardening.

Keep your thumbs green! Cheers!