The True Cost of Renovating

Somewhat related to our backyard garden that we always maintain and strive to make it look better. Renovation, in general is the same – whether it’s outside or inside the house.

The first thing we should consider when planning for any renovation project is the cost so we can start drafting our budget. Some folks would think that remodeling will only cost them less only to find out that the price is far beyond their expectations.

Today’s generations are big spenders when it comes to home improvements and renovations. They are most likely to hire professionals to upgrade their houses. But compared to older homeowners, younger generations are more skeptical with project quotes.

While giving an exact number on how a renovation project would cost, some necessary expenses are mostly present in this kind of job. Know what to expect so you can decide how much should be your budget and which renovation suits you.

Outside Paving Options

Outside the house, there are plenty of ways to make it look better. For example by having paving done. Nowadays there are many options for paving, for example liquid limestone, exposed aggregate or cement. On the internet there are many sites showing examples of real work done. For example this liquid limestone Perth site.

Home Expansion

According to some reports, homeowners typically spend an average of $40,000 for home development or additional space. The cost will range from $5,000 up to $100,000 depending on the requirements of the client. It is a huge price so think if you are willing to invest in creating another room or just make improvements to the existing space.

Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

Nowadays, kitchens are a most favorite location in many houses. Thus, kitchen upgrades are included in the major renovations that homeowners would like to discuss. On the average, they would spend $20,000 on remodeling this area.

Those who prefer high-end jobs and would like to have built-in appliances, countertops, cabinetry and new flooring, the renovation cost can come closer to $40,000. If the price scares you, do something less upscale. You can paint the cabinets or replace wood elements with the help of a local worker to save on the professional fee.

Bathroom remodeling is another costly project next to upgrading the kitchen. The average cost is $9,000 depending on the fixtures and other additional like installation of a bathtub, a new faucet or cabinets.


Aside from the cost of materials, appliances, and workforce, a remodeling job will require you to get a working permit. While they are not major expense contributors, forgetting to get one will result in fines. You can spend $900-$1,500 on permits depending on the city guidelines.

Renovation projects at home can be costly, and there are certain fees along the way. However, planning before constructing will aid you in reducing or even eliminating additional expenses.

We believe that it is one of the joys of a homeowner to improve his or her house by hosting all sorts of remodeling projects. It feels empowering and at the same time, you are adding value to your property. However, the cost of it could overwhelm you so you must work around and find the best deal possible.